Rose Pedal Records / CD DVD Duplication Services
CD copies 50 / DVD copies $1.00 (50 minimum)

cute girl holding a DVD and CD
Do you have a DVD or CD and you need state-of-the-art copies? We offer cutting-edge-technology for CD and DVD mass production in Salt Lake City, Utah. Using the latest in the science of CD/DVD manufacturing, Duplication and Replication. We want you to feel great about your product and we guarantee our work even if you have a DVD Doobee we can still do the job. Call us for a quote for your CD or DVD needs. Call us if you have any questions here at Rose Pedal Records. Thank you for your consideration.
-The Rose Pedal Records Team
Contact Rose Pedal CD DVD service at 800-320-5134
6500 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 274-9953

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